PPRC Contributes Towards COVID-19 Relief

PPRC Contributes Towards COVID-19 Relief

The COVID-19 crisis has pushed millions into poverty, bringing economies to a crashing halt. It is revealing and exacerbating an already flawed system, where those lowest in the economic chain are hung out to dry. In addition to the large scale Rapid Response Survey titled ‘Livelihoods, Coping and Support During Covid-19’, Power and Participation Research Centre (PPRC) has been involved in various relief efforts outside of Dhaka. We are thankful for our numerous partners who helped us coordinate efforts in three key areas. 

Reaching low income and marginalized communities, especially outside of Dhaka, through relief efforts has been a challenge since the COVID crisis began.  PPRC-SEHD worked together on a large scale study on Excluded Groups that mapped marginalized communities across the country. PPRC provided this data to BRAC so their ‘Daakche Amar Desh’ program could specifically reach 1500 people across three marginalized communities – tea workers, sex workers, and rishi. This program contributes towards two weeks’ worth of meals for each family for only Tk. 1500.

In collaboration with CRICS, PPRC has contributed to PPE distribution in hospitals in various difficult-to-reach parts of the country. A total of 420 full sets of PPE consisting of masks, gloves, goggles, and gowns were distributed in Patiya, Rangamati, Bashkhali, Shatkaniya, Dohajari, Barisal and Chattogram. We would like to thank ShohoJoddha, for providing the protective gear that we could supply to healthcare workers.

PPRC is currently collaborating with Healthy Bangladesh and UNDP to distribute PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) among waste management staff. Around 2800 waste management workers across 18 municipalities and city corporations will be equipped with the PPEs.

We extend our sincerest gratitude to CRICS, SEHD, BRAC, and ShohoJoddha. 

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