Our approach

PPRC uses a holistic approach to research, utilizing economic, anthropological, political economy, business and sociological insights. With networks into grass root as well as policy circles, we are able to capture changing realities and evolving aspirations. This, incorporated with cutting edge research methods, compelling analytical presentation and strategic policy advocacy, help us to distinguish our work.

PPRC plays a key role at every stage of a project. For the research conducted by the institute, we conceptualize and develop the research design, followed by implementation of the research with a combination of primary and secondary data analysis. The primary and secondary data is processed and analyzed to produce analytical reports, policy briefs and academic publications.

Core Themes

1989 – 1998

APT: The PPRC team had its origin in the 62 Village Analysis of Poverty Trends Project (APT) initated by Hossain Zillur Rahman at BIDS in 1989. The project lasted till 1998 and played a crucial role in influencing poverty reduction strategies in Bangladesh.
Rethinking Rural Poverty: The APT project research was by sage international in 1995.
Conference Photo:
Desh Chanti Chay: The PPRC team was actively engaged in research and civic action on political development and pioneered the use of opinion surveys in assessing the political mood of the citizens.
Resettlement Consultants? 1991 – moheshkhali


PPRC Inception

The formal formation of PPRC occurred through the registration of PPRC as a Trust in 1996. The initial Trustee Board consisted of both members drawn from the Resettlement Consultants team and social personalities close to the PPRC team.


Ford Foundation

The formal journey of PPRC began with a governance research supported by the Ford Foundation. And self funded research on elections and citizens’ opinions on political trends.


Kamal Bhai in PPRC’s first office/Lagshoi

Professor Teodor Shanin of Manchester University and colleagues from South Africa and Professor Ahmed Kamal from Dhaka University at PPRC office.


Nagorik Shokti/Nepal trip

PPRC team undertook a self funded social rehabilitation initiative of flood affected urban poor in rishipara, keraniganj. On the research front, PPRC introduced an innovative urban research methodology: The report card on quality of urban services in Dhaka City.


Logo Unveiling

Nobel Laureate Dr.Yunus inaugurates the new PPRC office.


Pre-election Opinion Surveys

PPRC undertook investigation into voter list anomalies at the request of the the-then Chief Election commissioner and citizen opinion surveys on the 2001 election. PPRC Chairman Dr. Hossain Zillur speaks to the media at the release ceremony of the study results.


Chairman with Dr.Yunus Shongbad Shommelon

After nearly a year of mobilizational effort, PPRC facilitated the launch of the civil society platform, Local Government Support Group, with Professor Yunus as convener and PPRC as secretariat. All key decentralization advocates were on the platform.


Union Parishad: Proshikkhon Koushol

PPRC in partnership with the Ministry of Local Government organized the first ever national orientation workshop for the newly elected union parishad chairman.
PPRC Strategic Retreat BARD, Comilla (2006)


Young Researcher’s Grant

Developing research capacity, particularly of younger researchers is a key goal of PPRC. PPRC organized its first interactive methodological workshop. The three day workshop brought established and younger researchers from universities and research organizations around the country. PPRC also awarded research grants to selected young researchers.


Young Researchers Programme/ Local
Business Dynamics at Sheraton

PPRC undertook a multiyear governance research project with support from


PPRC organizes Nobel Prize reception ceremony for
Dr. Yunus

PPRC was the core organizer of the largest national reception to Professor Yunus upon his being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The PPRC together with partners organized the event on 16th October, 2006 at the BICC just three days after he was awarded the prize. That year, the PPRC team went on a strategic retreat at BARD, Comilla.


Unbundling governance book launch

Book launching event of PPRC’s prominent publication on Bangladesh governance, ‘Unbundling Governance’. Dr.Hua Du, Professor Rehman Sobham, Dr. Akbar Ali Khan were present among other prestigious panelists.


Rongpur University/PPRC Radisson Food Price Inflation:
Regional Conference

PPRC Chairman becomes Commerce and education advisor.


Aila/ Pitha Uthshob

PPRC hosted a “Pitha Uthshob” to celebrate the Bangali New Year. The event brought together partners, friends and family of the PPRC family with pitha, music and cultural programs.


Recession Study

PPRC’s work involves both analyzing both national and international economic scenes. The policy seminar titled “Global Recession and Bangladesh Economy: Macro and Meso Trends” showcased research from a PPRC study in the presence of thought leader and stakeholders.


Social Safety Nets: Ground Realties

The final volume of the two volume comprehensive of social safety nets was launched by the State Minister for planning and UNDP country director in the presence of a cross sectional group of high profile stakeholders. The PPRC study led to the international conference on social protection later that year inaugurated by the honorable Prime Minister.


Launch of BURI | Urbanization: Crisis or Opportunity?

Launched ceremony of the Bangladesh Urban Institute organized by PPRC. Our major publication under the Urban theme, ‘Bangladesh Urban Dynamics’ was also debuted at the event that had a highly qualified panel including Ex Advisor Gholam Quader, Gouhor Rizvi, Elizabeth Goldstein


CRI Roundtable: Building Chittagong As A
Skill-based Global City

The Chittagong research Initiative was launched by PPRC with initial support from the AK Khan Foundation to provide a research based platform for development issues specific to Chittagong.


Social Protection Book Launch

Social Protection has been one of PPRC’s core theme areas to work on. PPRC, in partnership with UNDP and University of Manchester Poverty Institute, published an international publication on this topic called, ‘Social Protection In Bangladesh.’ The book was authored by a rich body of international researchers – Dr. Hossain Zillur Rahman, Chairman of PPRC, Dr. David Hulme, Professor of Development Studies, Dr. Mathilde Maitrot and Luigi Peter Ragno.


International Health Conference: Realizing UHC Goals

PPRC in partnership with Rockefeller Foundation organized a three-day international health conference on “Realising Universal Health Goals”. Public health experts from home and abroad including, economist Dr Hossain Zillur Rahman, Thailand’s Deputy Minister of Public Health Dr Somsak Chunaharas, and World Federation of Association of Paediatric Surgeons President Dr DK Gupta, called for stronger efforts in achieving universal health coverage (UHC) in Bangladesh that ensures quality healthcare for all without financial hardships.


Urban Poverty

PPRC and Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) jointly organised a two-day international conference on urban poverty in partnership with the World Bank and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The conference drew upon PPRC’s urban research as well as contributions from partners as well as national, regional and international experts and advocates for an in-depth look at the dimensions and dynamics of urban poverty.


Launch of PPRC’s civic platform, Healthy
Bangladesh PRERONA

A pioneering effort under the Healthy Bangladesh platform, PRERONA (meaning “inspiration” in Bangla) is a series of regional dialogues and TV talk shows on Universal Health Coverage (UHC) advocacy. PRERONA was implemented in 11 districts across Bangladesh.



Our recent move to our new location has also brought about key changes in line with our ‘New PPRC’ agenda. For PPRC, it is an opportune time to think afresh. We have reshaped our organizational structure, welcomed new members and established regular institutional activities such as quantitative skills trainings, reading circles, talks and fitness days. The changes have created a new mood to embrace the challenges and opportunities of a fast-changing national and international landscape.

Social Initiatives

Beyond its research and advocacy activities, PPRC has a track record of innovative social action that emphasize the resilience of citizens. These include:

An important aim that the Centre defined for itself from the beginning was not only to undertake activities but to do so with a larger goal of being consequential whether in big or small ways. Pursuing such an aim required clarity in understanding impact. PPRC has been pursuing impact in three spheres:


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