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PPRC Study Circle

PPRC recently launched a series of in-house Study Circles, a presentation on a selected article followed by an interactive discussion on the key concepts, methodology and findings of the paper.

Session 1: 31 May 2022

Article: A qualitative study of perception of a dishonesty experiment by Nikola Frollová, Marek Vranka & Petr Houdek

Presenter: Shabbir Ahmed, Research Assistant, PPRC

Session 2: 28 June 2022

Article: With whom, and about what, do we compete for social status? Effects of social closeness and relevance of reference groups for positional concerns by Ingvild Mageli, Andrea Mannberg, Eirik Eriksen Heen

Presenter: Kaneta Zillur, Research Consultant, PPRC

Session 3: 28 July 2022

Title: Globalizing Southern Knowledge: Anatomy of the Successful Promotion of BRAC’s Graduation Approach

Presenter: Dr Syed M Hashemi, Trustee, PPRC

Session 4: 8 August 2022

Title: Measuring Agency and Autonomy: Understanding the Motivations Behind Women’s Decision-Making

Presenter: Namira Shameem, Research Executive, PPRC

Session 5: 25 August 2022


The myth of ‘debt-trap diplomacy’ and realities of Chinese development finance by Ajit Singh

Presenter: Sanzida Akter, Senior Research Associate, PPRC