Dr. Hossain Zillur Rahman

Executive Chairman

Since its inception, PPRC has been at the forefront of research and policy advocacy on poverty, social protection, land, inclusive growth, governance, local governance, political development, quality, basic education and sustainable urbanization. Its core themes reflect current and emerging priorities of Bangladesh. The Centre maintains a strong interest in regional and international discourses on democracy and development.



PPRC and UNFPA jointly organized the second roundtable on “Family Planning/SRHR and Adolescents in Bangladesh: What are the Priority Issues?” as part of the Accelerated Realization of the ICPD 3 Zeroes Agenda.

PPRC and HEU sign to undertake joint Surveillance Study for Measuring the Financial Hardship Caused by Healthcare Expenditure and the Determinants of such Expenditure in Bangladesh



Public works has traditionally been deployed as a strong short-term measure to counteract the economic vulnerability of the poor with the creation of community assets as an additional goal. The focus of public works has so far mostly been on rural areas. With the severe economic impact of Covid-19 on the urban poor….



Road safety has become a priority public concern. PPRC was engaged on this issue year seven years ago through the production of ground-breaking researched report. The issue has attracted renewed concern with the World Bank collaborating with the Government of Bangladesh on a Bangladesh Road safety Project (BSRP). 




Unpacking Resilience Under Covid-19 Impact
Editor: Hossain Zillur Rahman

A policy brief summarizing the findings from 4 Rounds of PPRC-BIGD Survey 2020-2021




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