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PPRC Organizes Urban Poverty Adolescent Consultation

PPRC organized a consultation with adolescents from communities across Dhaka as part of our study on Multidimensional Urban Poverty and Inclusive Growth on 20 April 2019. 43 adolescents aged between 13 to 18 participated in the consultation. The highly interactive session focused on challenges and aspirations of urban poor adolescents. The panel discussions of the consultation focused on their education, economic participation, expenditure and savings practices, social life and network, household structure dynamics, hopes and aspirations as well as safety and violence issues for both boys and girls.

First panel session where adolescent got a chance to share their experiences at school.
Bhashantek Slum representative shares her experience of working as a garments worker.

We also included several group activities to gain further insight into the lifestyles of the adolescents. One of these activities were on Social Norms. Adolescents got a chance to work in groups and write down characteristics of typical “good” and “bad” adolescents in their communities.

Adolescents were challenged to identify one role model from their lives and why they look up to them

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